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A weekend fav for us is to take the car, crank the tunes, and drive away excited to explore something new. There’s just something dreamy and fun about hitting the road and not having a plan on where we are going, getting lost and adventuring into the unknown. A time to escape to the outdoors and experience all that it offers–sunshine, beaches, forests, mountains, waves and so much more.

At The Jaques Studio we’re all about nature and the beauty that surrounds us–creating design that makes dreams come true. When we venture on to the unknown, it’s a time to let our hearts roam free–gathering new inspirations, new ideas and new ways of thinking. We come home refreshed and ready to create our projects with a whole new perspective.

So this weekend jump in the car and find some place new! Can’t wait to see what you find! Feel free to comment below.

Happy Weekend!

Damy & Greg

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